I have been a Colorado resident for 30 years and I love all the wonderful things that living here brings with it, especially the three-hundred days of sunshine!  I enjoy a deep love for and connection to animals, nature, science, and the arts. I often lay in the grass in the sunshine with my dog, and I hug my beautiful trees in my yard.  I left the high stress world of mortgage banking to embrace my calling as a wellness practitioner.  I graduated from the Colorado School of Healing arts in Lakewood, CO, received my massage therapy license, and completed the requirements to be credentialed as a Healing Touch Program practitioner.

I believe in whole-being care, and that people are much more than a health condition or a diagnosis.

The greatest challenges and depth from healing come from walking your own personal, dark, and painful paths.  This is embraced, and not something I distance myself from.  I am an understanding, supportive, and compassionate fellow traveler in this life’s experience, and I do this work because I want to contribute goodness and love to the world in the best way I am able.  I have created a healing space where my clients and I work together to explore and support their personal definition of healing and wellness of their body, mind, and spirit.

“Kara is completely in-tune with her clients. I experience the feeling of muscle relaxation during and after treatment. Thanks, Kara!”

“Kara is fantastic ! I have been going to her for about a year and she has always been able to help me. She uses her skills and training to find the sources of my stress and tension. She uses several different techniques to create a balance for me. She is always willing to explain what she is doing and how it affects the body. She has an incredible personality that is always upbeat and happy.”

“Kara is an exceptional massage therapist! She asks questions about what area is bothering you, past history and how much pressure you prefer. Kara is very professional, and lets you know what’s happening during your session. I will definitely see Kara again!”

“Kara is a phenomenal human being, soul, and practitioner. She is SO in-tune with her clients’ bodies and minds.”

“Kara is exceptionally talented, and I’m so fortunate that I found her. She does Healing Touch therapy, and I’ve found this to be beneficial, very relaxing, and enjoyable. I leave feeling like a new person! Highly recommended!”

“Upon walking in I felt a good vibe. The reflexology massage was everything that I expected and more! Kara was very kind, she explained to me all about the reflexology massage. Her touch was soothing and relaxing.I felt amazing after. I will definitely be going back soon!”

Pause, breathe, and take a rejuvenating break.

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