Project Description

The comfort of caring community

I am one of a small group of energy medicine practitioners with specialized training in Energy Medicine in Surgery.  Surgery is a sacred process that takes us to the edge of what we think we know, and asks us to step off the edge into the unknown in faith.  Faith in ourselves, our support network, and our medical team. Often, in addition to the support of our closest family and friends, having a caring practitioner to support you physically and energetically is extremely comforting.  In this aspect of my practice, you will receive the benefit of all of the modalities I offer, as well as emotional support, recovery support, and pain management support.  

Surgical support is a customized package of about 5 sessions.  Four of these are 90 minute appointments which are comprised of discussion and an energy medicine treatment, massage, and reflexology according to the services you prefer and that best meet your needs.  The day of surgery includes up to 6 hours of energy medicine support.

The cost of this package is $850.00

  • Session 1:  Preparing the Physical Body 
      • We will work together to allow the body to understand, at a cellular level, the details of the surgical procedure, and to allow the body to become familiar with every aspect of the process.
  • Session 2:  Preparing the Energetic Body
      • This appointment includes a vision quest in order to gain clarity about your goals and your personal “why’s” around the procedure.  We will create a sacred place for you to rest energetically during your surgery. 
  • Session 3:  Surgery Day
      • I will accompany you to pre-op and will help support you physically and energetically.  During the length of your surgery, I will maintain balance in your energy system and will hold you in healing energy in your sacred space created in Session 1.
      • Support during your surgical procedure is done as a distance session in the waiting room.  I have been trained to accompany you into surgery, and we can discuss this as an option depending on the surgery type and setting.  This request does require additional approval from your medical and surgical team.
      • Post-surgery I will meet you in the post-operative recovery room to provide pain management support, wound sealing, and will help to balance and connect your   field to its healing processes.  
  • Sessions 4 and 5:  Post-Surgical Support    
      • Once you return home, we will set up two more appointments to support the balance of your physical, mental, and emotional bodies.  Session 4 may take place in your home two weeks after you are released from the hospital, and Session 5 may take place in my office after you are recovered enough to safely drive.

Pause, breathe, and take a rejuvenating break.

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