Project Description

Synchronicity and harmony

Television, traffic, street noise, vehicle noise, radios, social media, the chatter of a crowded restaurant.  Our bodies are designed to process and respond to sound frequencies; however, on a daily basis we are bombarded by countless sounds, many of which we tune out of our conscious awareness.  Yet, our bodies and nervous systems continue to register and process them, and the result of this stimulus build up may be feelings of stress and fatigue.

Our bodies, organs, and energy systems are rhythmic bundles of energy!  When we inhale a breath our chest expands and our ribs rise, and when we exhale our chest withdraws and our ribs lower.  We can feel the thumping rhythm of our heart beat.  When we are in sync with our internal rhythm we feel harmonious and balanced, but when we are out of sync we can feel uncomfortable, or out of step with ourselves and others.

There are several methods for applying tuning forks for sound therapy.  I use the Inner Sound method in my practice.  Tuning forks are activated (struck on a rubber pad to make them ring) in specific frequency combinations and held close to the ear canals for a few seconds.  The frequencies are received directly by the central nervous system, travel throughout the body, and create sympathetic resonance with the body tissues and structures.  The intention of this treatment is to alleviate areas of congestion within the body in order to promote feelings of relaxation and well-being, and to help us feel back in sync with our natural rhythm.

Pause, breathe, and take a rejuvenating break.

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